Bittersweet Symphony



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Everybody's laughing
but instead they're crying
Everybody's talking
but no one says a single word
Everybody's hearing
but actually no one is really listening
Everybody's building up his dream-castle
but instead no one really knows how to dream
Everybody's flying
but no one's leaving the ground
There's always something happening
but actually nothing's going on


Ich möchte eine Reise machen
Zu allen Orten dieser Welt
Möchte das Meer rauschen hören
Und die Sterne funkeln sehn
Ich möchte eine Reise machen
Und der Mond soll mich begleiten
Möchte durch den Regen laufen
Und die Sterne funkeln sehn
Ich möchte eine Reise machen
Mit dir an meiner Seite
Möchte dir die schönen Dinge zeigen
Und die Sterne funkeln sehn


Sitting at the window
Watching the stars and the moon
Laying my head back down
Feeling as if my dreams are far away
Listening to the song inside of my soul
Trying to write it over and over again
Can you sing for me the song of the stars?
Want to hear it one last time
Before I'm drawn in a sea of tears
Because this is my only hope


Feeling like
a little child
- keep controll -
Able to?
not at all...
trying not to hurt


Sometimes I wish to scream
just to let the pressure out of me
Sometimes I wish to cry
just to wash away all my sorrows
Sometimes I wish you'd hold my hand
just to make me feel comfortable
Sometimes I wish to stop the world turning around
just to prevent that I feel dizzy
Sometimes I wish to fly away
just to be free

(c) Katha

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